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Geneva Airport transfer provides a low-cost private car in Zurich with multilingual drivers. You have an option of hiring a local chauffeur only for a few hours or a full day. Feel free to make your reservation upon arrival at the airport as we are based near Kloten.

As every client’s needs are different we offer different types of vehicles. We have efficient and economic transfer solutions as well as VIP transfer to and from Zurich International airport or anywhere else you decide to go in Switzerland. We are the best in the airport transfer service as we offer high-quality service at low prices.

There are certain steps to take when you plan your vacation or business trip to Switzerland. First and foremost you need to think in advance about the logistics of moving around the country. After comes the question of who is going to meet you at the Zurich Airport (German: Flughafen Zürich, ZRH) and provide you with transport.

After choosing the destination for your trip, the second step is to think about the transfer from the airport of Zurich. Be it your business trip or vacation we are always here for you trying our best to exceed your expectations. We offer you high-quality vehicles with professional drivers.

Airport Transportation Service Advantages

Transportation services in Zurich Airport is in high demand and topical service among Swiss. Tourists and business people and regular residents are the consumers. The car service is worth that of a taxi service. Whereas there are several significant differences between these two services.

When you order a taxi to Kloten Airport, you are still not worry-free. There is a list of time-consuming things you should take into account. The customer should meet the driver, tell them the final destination and specify the route. The worst scenario is the case of a lack of time. Then the customer becomes worried and rushes the driver. Moreover, the taxi service can provide a car that doesn’t have the required number of seats and luggage.

If passengers are traveling with children or have disabilities, then preplanning should be done in advance. You will have to take care of everything yourself, which sometimes causes many problems. Moreover, you do not know the fare and additional fees, or payment methods before arrival.

You do not have to get tired during your transfer to Zurich Airport and back. You have an opportunity to get acquainted in advance and choose a vehicle that will meet your requirements. The airport shuttle service staff will advise you on leaving time as well.  This means the distance to the airport, traffic congestion, check-in for the flight, and baggage drop-off.

Proffesional chauffeurs will comfortably take you to your destination immediately. You should not further explain and guide him. You can request a child seat. You will know the price of the transfer and the terms of payment. It will not be a surprise for you. Moreover, that is not all the benefits of a transfer. It is a privilege for us to organize a transfer for you in Switzerland.

Our friendly expert chauffeur will monitor your flight and accommodate you to your preferred destination. He will greet you at the airport pick-up point and help with your luggage. We also offer private and customized city and excursion tours with multilingual guide services. Daily trips and private point-to-point transfers are tailored to meet each client’s needs.

We offer comfortable and reliable business-class cars for your business trip to Zurich and the surrounding areas.


Welcome to Zurich Kloten Airport

Our company will plan your meeting at the Zurich Airport or train station and organize a trip wherever you want. If necessary, our staff will organize a trip to the opposite directions as well as in Zurich itself. For a trip, you can order a standard car, SUV, sedan, vans and a minibus in advance or upon arrival. A huge fleet of executive and business class cars is available for you.

A comfortable car with a multi-language speaking driver is at your service. Our employees are constantly monitoring the situation. We are always aware of situations in airports and stations.  The driver will arrive on time. No extra charge for the wait in case your flight does not arrive on time. The same is true with baggage wait time.

Upon arrival at the airport or train station in Zurich, the driver will meet you with a nameplate. You will head to your destination safely and on time.

We offer a break from a conference and a business trip. Our fleet consists of a huge selection of luxury cars, standard sedans, and shuttle buses. For large groups of guests, we can also arrange private minivans, minibusses, and coaches. All our cars are equipped with telephones for Europe and North America. Free Wi-Fi and 220V electrical outlets. Direct Television, Coffee – Espresso, Suisse chocolate, candies, ski lifts, and drinks. We will do our best to make your trip stress-free.

Our cars

We offer both individual and group transfers for our clients. We offer a wide range of economy and business class cars. In case you wish luxury transfer there are executive class and sports cars.

Our prices

Destination from Zurich


  • Zurich Airport  to City Hotel
  • Zurich to Bad Ragaz
  • Zurich to Bazel
  • Zurich to Bern
  • Zurich to Vadutz
  • Zurich to Geneva
  • Zurich to Gstadt
  • Zurich to Klosters
  • Zurich to Luzern
  • Zurich to Interlaken
  • Zurich to Leukerbad
  • Zurich to Luganno
  • Zurich to Montreux
  • Zurich to Schafchausen
  • Zurich to St.Moritz
  • Zurich to Davos
  • Zurich to Arosa
  • Zurich to Zug
  • Zurich to Zermatt

Mercedes Benz V Class

6 pax

  • 130 CHF
  • 550 CHF
  • 430 CHF
  • 450 CHF
  • 550 CHF
  • 1100 CHF
  • 850 CHF
  • 550 CHF
  • 300 CHF
  • 650 CHF
  • 1100 CHF
  • 890 CHF
  • 800 CHF
  • 300 CHF
  • 900 CHF
  • 650 CHF
  • 620 CHF
  • 250 CHF
  • 1100 CHF

Mercedes Benz S Class

3 pax

  • 140 CHF
  • 570 CHF
  • 450 CHF
  • 550 CHF
  • 600 CHF
  • 1100 CHF
  • 950 CHF
  • 580 CHF
  • 350 CHF
  • 700 CHF
  • 1100 CHF
  • 950 CHF
  • 800 CHF
  • 350 CHF
  • 900 CHF
  • 650 CHF
  • 650 CHF
  • 250 CHF
  • 1100 CHF

Zurich landmarks

Zürich is the capital of the canton of Zürich. It is located in north-central Switzerland. In 2011, Zurich was ranked as the second-best city in the world.

Its geographical position, with more than 4 square kilometers of land and a coastal area made up of numerous backwaters, is a major contributor to this. Two large rivers, the Limmat and the Seel, flow through the city center and merge into one another.

On the other side, the city of Zurich is surrounded by low mountains. The city’s promenade offers a tremendous view of the Swiss Alps, which are only 25 kilometers away. Another advantage of the location is the excellent transport connections and the fact that Zurich Airport is also within easy reach.

Because the high altitude offers protection from the wind, the weather in Zurich is mild all year round and never suffers from sweltering heat or bitter frost. Nevertheless, the proximity of the Alps makes Zurich one of the best ski resorts in Switzerland, as the slopes are less than an hour away.

After choosing the destination for your trip, the second step is to think about the transfer from the airport. Be it your business trip or vacation we are always here for you trying our best to exceed your expectations. We offer you high-quality vehicles with professional drivers.

Reviews about our company

We would like to thank you and your drivers for the excellent service we received when visiting Zurich. You provided a high-quality and efficient transport service. That really made a difference to our trip both on arrival and on departure. Please say our thanks to the drivers for this. We highly recommend using your service, as we will the next time we visit Zurich.

Oliver B. and Amelia T. 

I wish to thank you so much for your most efficient service during my recent visit to Zurich with my children. From online booking to our return to the Zurich airport for our flight home, the experience was a most pleasant one, the prices are affordable. Your drivers were prompt, friendly and made our first visit to Zurich so much more enjoyable. We made the absolute most of our time there knowing that your service would be waiting at the hotel at the allotted time to transfer us back to the airport in time for our check-in. Should we return to Zurich, we would certainly use your service again and will recommend you to friends who may visit. Thank you.

Isabella W.

This is just to say thank you for your excellent transportation service from and returning to the airport in Zurich when I attended a conference last week. Your drivers were professional and reliable and made the journeys simple and straightforward. Many Thanks again!

Pekka T.