Transfer from Geneva Airport to Les Gets, France


Geneva to Les Gets Transfers

If you arrive at Geneva Airport (GVA) and want a more practical option than a cab, our VIP transportation services are designed to exceed your expectations. Geneva Airport Transfer keeps its costs comparable with taxi fares in Geneva and at the airport, and it provides a reasonably priced private car with a skilled and educated driver. A chauffeur might be hired for a few hours or a whole day.

Geneva Airport Transfer’s major goal is to develop long-term connections with our clients. We approach customer service with cutting-edge technology, innovation, and a commitment to ongoing progress. When tourists arrivein, we work hard to surpass their expectations and take care of all of their transportation requirements.

We realize that each client’s or organization’s transportation requirements are unique, thus our fleet of cars is supplemented with executive-class vehicles and is flexible enough to provide our clients with fast and cost-effective transfer options. Geneva Airport Transfer can meet your needs for airport transportation service from/to Genève airport or anyplace else in France and Switzerland.

If an airport shuttle or bus service is not available, a regular car rental with a driver may be your best option for getting to Les Gets. Dealing with vehicle transportation at Geneva airport is undoubtedly a popular option for many passengers. Our airport transfer with driver services are completely customizable.

Airport pickup, whether for a single tourist or a corporate group, may be arranged in advance. We can provide you with the greatest transfer offers in France and Switzerland, whether for personal or commercial reasons.

Today, reserve your transfer from Geneva Airport to Les Gets! In addition to providing airport transfers from Chambery, Grenoble, and Lyon to Les Gets, our private car service also provides airport transfers from other surrounding airports.

Private transfers, luxury transfers, coach transfers, and shared transports to Les Gets are all available through our airport transportation services to suit a variety of budgets. When you arrive at the Geneve international airport one of our dependable local professional chauffeurs will be there to pick you up and drive you directly to your Les Gets chalet or resort to begin your skiing vacation.

Geneva Airport Transfer arranges individual, shared and group transfers throughout the year from Geneva Airport (GVA) to Les Gets. With Geneva Airport Transfer and a private ride to or from Les Gets, you may have the privacy of a Geneva taxi while spending less than the price of a high-end luxury limo service.

Shared transfers and group transportation are low-cost alternatives. Wherever you are in Les Gets, you will be transported to or from your hotel, chalet, or apartment. You will be in the same car as others who will be transported or delivered to various sites in Les Gets.

You may have to wait for additional passengers at the airport or for other passengers to arrive in Les Gets before you; as a result, your journey time may be slightly longer. However, you will always be advised of your actual pick-up time promptly.

On the other hand, getting lucky with all passengers leaving the same aircraft or flights arriving in minutes of each other is always a possibility. Les Gets drop-offs may be close together, or you may be the first to be dropped off in Les Gets.

You can go by private, business, or shared transportation when you use our service. To and from Les Gets, there is a private shuttle service. The taxi service’s privacy might be advantageous to you.  Pre-book to save time and money of having to share one of our comfy cars or minivans. When you request our services online, you’ll get immediate confirmation, and your driver will meet you at the airport.

What are the Benefits of Our Private Transfers?


Your safety is the most important thing of all, so start there! Imagine traveling to Africa on a safari and choosing to take a bus to your accommodation. You discovered halfway through your travel that you were on the incorrect bus, lack Wi-Fi, and had a low battery. How are you returning to the hotel? This sounds terrifying. You may always reserve a seasoned driver who knows the roads like the back of their hand rather than taking such a big risk. Traveling alone in a strange place may be quite scary for women. Because of this, choosing to use a private airport shuttle service is the safest and most dependable choice.

Time efficiency

You may get to your destination as quickly as possible by using a private airport shuttle service! You will not only arrive there safely but also sooner. Due to significant delays and heavy demand, using public transportation may take a very long time to reach your destination. One advantage of using an airport transportation service is that you may plan your day however you like and arrive on time. Private transfers are the most time-efficient services, especially if you have a flight to catch.

Don’t get lost

When you visit a foreign country, you do not know every aspect. Why take the chance of getting lost when you may hire a private vehicle? When taking public transit, it’s simple to make an inadvertent wrong turn and end up on unfamiliar streets. With a private airport car, you may eliminate that risk.

No surprise fees

We’ve all heard horror stories about local taxi drivers duping visitors into paying unjust and unlawfully higher prices for no reason. There are legitimate tales online about what happened, such as in Paris or Marrakech, when drivers would compel customers to pay an additional 10 euros or more, or they would be forced to leave the car. When you are on a work or leisure vacation, they are highly disappointing situations. Booking your vacation online through reputable websites is the best option because you will have proof of confirmation in hand. Nobody can fool you.

Cost efficiency

Another advantage of private transportation is its low cost. Public transportation may appear to be less expensive, but it will take longer and be unreliable. Local taxis may charge extra for shorter trips and airport transfers. Because communicating with local cabs in other places can be difficult, this can be highly inconvenient. Booking private airport transportation is always more cost-effective.

Traveling with kids

Traveling with children or infants is never easy. They can become irritated or bored quickly, so you’d need to act rapidly. You may avoid waiting in queues by taking a private car ride with your family, where your kids can play with their toys more comfortably or nap.

Online payment

Nowadays, almost no one carries cash. Even if you don’t, you can always hire your private driving company in advance. and because you previously paid, you can prevent travel anxiety and worry less.

Expertise (professional drivers)

Most airport transportation companies hire experienced drivers who are well-versed in the locations and shortcuts so that you arrive on time. The majority of the drivers deal with visitors daily. As a result, they will either guess or know for certain where you want to go. It’s usually a good idea to talk to your driver about the culture, where to go, where to eat, and prominent tourist sites.

What is the duration of a transfer from Geneva to Les Gets?

Typically, transportation to Les Gets takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes! The airport is conveniently placed near this premium resort, allowing for a quick trip.

However, remember that this is predicated on ideal road and traffic circumstances. Due to high demand and inclement weather, delays might occur, causing your transfer to take longer. Even with traffic, you may occasionally get there in under an hour and a half.

Our fleet is represented by a wide range of different vehicles ranging from luxury business class vehicles to standard sedan, SUV, passenger vans and minibus models. At the request of customers, we can carry out transportation by minibuses and buses. All vehicles are equipped with telephones for calls around the world, free Wi-Fi is available. In cars, you can customize your gadgets. Television, espresso coffee, Swiss chocolate and sweets, tonic and refreshing drinks will make your trip unforgettable.

Mercedes S Class 223

A symbol of intelligent beauty, safety, and innovative tech

  • Up to 3 passengers
  • Up to 3 suitcases
  • Mercedes V Class

    Great choice for business travel and financial roadshows

  • Up to 6 passengers
  • Up to 6 suitcases
  • Lexus ES

    Good luxury midsize family car.

  • Up to 3 passengers
  • Up to 3 suitcases
  • Mercedes V Class Extra Long

    Special car for performing special duties

  • Up to 7 passengers
  • Up to 7 suitcases
  • Mercedes Sprinter

    An excellent reputation and provides numerous strengths

  • Up to 12 passengers
  • Up to 12 suitcases
  • Lexus GS 300H

    Midsize the most powerful and luxury sedan

  • Up to 3 passengers
  • Up to 3 suitcases
  • Lexus LS

    Full-size luxury sedan

  • Up to 3 passengers
  • Up to 3 suitcases
  • Lexus NX

    Experience refined performance and interior opulence with the Lexus NX.

    A Quick Guide to Les Gets

    Les Gets is a typical Savoyard town. It is the world’s biggest linked ski resort, strikingly gorgeous and rurally appealing. Despite the fame of Morzine and Avoriaz, Les Gets has retained its mountain-village essence, a hidden gem inside the massive 650-kilometer ski resort.

    The local pistes, which are often family-oriented, meander softly through the surrounding forests. They give a diverse range of skiing. Traveling from Geneva to Les Gets is quick and straightforward, making it ideal for both short ski vacations.

    The Ski Area

    Our transportation service provides award-winning airport transfers to Les Gets and other ski destinations in France. Our service is dependable and secure, and our drivers have decades of local experience at reasonable costs. Offering private transfers, luxury transfers, and bus transfers to Les Gets from nearby airports. If you want to save money on a private transfer, Ski-Lifts also provides a shared service.

    Our exclusive network is made up of only the best local and friendly experts for our transfer providers, and we provide 24/7 customer care for transfer-related inquiries. From restaurant recommendations to cheap ski rental, local information can make or break your trip, and Ski-Lifts takes great delight in providing it.

    The local ski region of Les Gets connects to Morzine and then to the greater Portes Du Soleil. Les Gets is a magnificent tree-lined ski region with excellent slopes for learning and progressing. The region is characterized by wide, sweeping pistes that give more than enough terrain for a ski vacation even without connecting to Avoriaz and Switzerland. There are lots of bumps, steeps, and thick snow for the more experienced.

    There are limitless chances for steeper slopes, high mileage skiing, and superb terrain for all levels in the direction of Avoriaz. Skiers and snowboarders with a lot of experience have access to several steep pistes, such as the legendary Swiss Wall. There are some of the top parks in Europe for freestylers, as well as the distinctive Burton stash. The Portes Du Soleil is a must-see attraction.

    Les Gets Usefull Information

    Visitor Center

    Tel.: +33 4 50 74 74 74

    Ski area (Sagets)

    Tel.: +33 4 50 75 80 99

    Booking (Les Gets)

    Tel.: +33 4 50 75 80 51

    Town Hall (Home)

    Tel.: +33 4 50 74 74 65

    MTB (Bikepark)

    Tel.: +33 4 50 75 80 99

    Golf (Clubhouse)

    Tel.: +33 4 50 75 87 63

    Reviews about our company

    Booked a pickup on arrival at Geneva Airport and a return trip. For the pickup, our driver was well dressed, waiting for our exit on arrival and holding a sign with my name. He offered to take our bags to the car, offered water and coffee, as well as a tourist book and map. During the ride to our hotel in Les Gets, we asked questions and he was happy to have a conversation with us and provide tips for ski resorts in the French Alps. Overall, very pleasant, and impressed! Our return trip to the Geneva airport from Les Gets was equally pleasant. Our driver arrived earlier, offered to help us with our luggage, and was happy to have a conversation with us at Les Gets resort. Very pleased and impressed! Very easy and comfortable to book and pay for service. Would certainly recommend this chauffeured transportation.

    Girard P.

    My company always books with Geneva Airport Transfer when going to, and leaving, Geneva. On our recent visit, we were met at the arrival hall, by our driver, who was holding a board with the logo of our company. We were swiftly in our car and given a smooth transfer to a hotel in Les Gets. Raphael was well-presented, courteous, friendly, and informative, and his van was immaculate and comfortable. We felt very safe and relaxed with his airport car service. I was pleasantly surprised to have him as our driver again upon our departure from the hotel. A highly recommended transportation company. Swish quality.

    Chien-hung Y.

    Brilliant. Good communication and reliability. We choose this ground transportation service because of the reviews and the fantastic praises. We arranged to be transferred from the Geneva airport to Les Gets. A wonderful chauffeur, help us with baggage. A great taxi service.

    Sean P.