Transfer from Geneva to St. Moritz


There are numerous private car service alternatives around Switzerland, whether you need to attend an important event, meet & greet, or travel to the airport on time. Transportation services and airport shuttles, as well as taxis, are all readily available, but will they meet the transportation needs, cleanliness, and comfort of their passengers? Airport transportation is an excellent option for a transfer from Geneva to St. Moritz. Here are just a few of the benefits of using chauffeur-hired cars for your next trip: they are dependable, clean, and surprisingly affordable.

Knowing that you will be picked up on time assures a pleasant and seamless ride to your destination. A skilled chauffeur will always arrive on time, allowing guests to relax and arrive calm and prepared for their meeting, presentation, flight, or event.

The need for cleanliness has never been greater. Our transportation service goes above and beyond to keep their executive car, luxury sedans, and SUV spotless both inside and out. Whether you need to get to an event or the Geneva international airport, you can rest assured that you will be riding in a car that has been thoroughly cleaned, with your general health and welfare as a top priority.

With a profound understanding of the roadways and weather conditions in Switzerland and France, our chauffeur drivers are not just skilled professionals; they are the embodiment of trust and reliability. They arrive on time, every time, assuring a pleasant and stress-free journey, leaving you calm and prepared for your destination, be it a meeting, presentation, flight, or special event.

Chauffeured transportation is serviced and maintained regularly to ensure safe and enjoyable travel. However, the vehicle does not end there. All chauffeurs are thoroughly educated and experienced drivers who appreciate the significance of driving safely in a variety of road and weather situations. Chauffeur drivers never speed or drive recklessly, and they are well-versed in navigating Switzerland and France.

Our customer-oriented approach ensures that your ride is not just professional, but also considerate and friendly. Our chauffeur drivers are always ready to assist you with loading and unloading your baggage, while also maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of your conversations throughout the trip

Professional chauffeur drivers are always professional, considerate, and friendly. They always assist you with loading and unloading baggage and always open the door for you. When you hire a chauffeur-driven car for airport transfers, your driver will welcome you with a name sign and assist you in carrying your luggage to the car. There will be no more waiting in long cab lines or navigating the airport. Whether you’re driving to or from the airport or just around town, you can be confident that any phone calls you make in the car or chats between guests will be kept private.

Car service fares frequently change depending on the time of day or the amount of traffic on the road. This means that a trip that costs you a specific sum one day may cost you twice or three times as much the next. When you order transportation to St. Moritz, the price is cast in concrete, so there are no surprises at the end of your tour. You can conveniently book and pay online, and you can be confident that the fee is very competitive for the high-quality service that you will receive.

As a reputable transportation company, we strive to provide Swiss ground transportation at extremely affordable rates without compromising on the comfort and style you deserve. From airport transfers to corporate events and special occasions, our vast experience enables us to cater to diverse travel needs, always ensuring you arrive relaxed and on time.

Our transportation company is here to assist you with your transportation needs throughout the city, striving to provide Swiss ground transportation at extremely cheap rates. From airport transfers to wedding transportation, corporate transportation, and even special occasion, you can be confident that you will travel in comfort and style while still arriving relaxed and on time. More information is available online, or you may call us at +33 6 49 23 27 51.

We organize services of transfer from Geneva Airport (GVA) to St. Moritz in both inexpensive and business-class cars, vans as well as modern minibusses. You can request your desired service in advance, and we can also organize transport for you in both directions once you arrive at Geneva airport.

When in transit from Geneva airport to St. Moritz, people always prefer to take a cab, particularly if they are accompanied by youngsters and have a large amount of luggage. By choosing our service, you will not face any additional issues and will be able to relax and enjoy your trip to St. Moritz.

Your VIP shuttle will be professionally designed to be the safest and most convenient. You may also have the opportunity to rent stylish automobiles. Our courteous drivers are professionals in their area, and they will keep track of your flight and transport you safely and on time to your intended location. They will meet you at the airport and assist you with your bags. Furthermore, they are fluent in foreign languages, so you will not be inconvenienced. Our major purpose is to ensure that our customers have a safe trip.

Your journey from Geneva Airport to St. Moritz deserves the touch of a VIP shuttle, meticulously designed for safety and convenience. If you desire to add a touch of style to your ride, we also offer stylish automobiles for rental, providing a tailored experience for your travels.

Our Cars

Our fleet includes a vast selection of cars, including expensive business-class vehicles as well as regular sedan and minibus models. We may provide Geneva airport pick up by minibuses and buses at the request of customers. There are telephones in every car that may be used to make international calls, and Wi-Fi is accessible for free. You may modify your devices in automobiles. Your trip will be made even more memorable by TV, espresso coffee, Swiss chocolate and sweets, tonic, and cooling beverages all available while traveling.

Mercedes S Class 223

A symbol of intelligent beauty, safety, and innovative tech

  • Up to 3 passengers
  • Up to 3 suitcases
  • Mercedes V Class

    Great choice for business travel and financial roadshows

  • Up to 6 passengers
  • Up to 6 suitcases
  • Lexus ES

    Good luxury midsize family car.

  • Up to 3 passengers
  • Up to 3 suitcases
  • Mercedes V Class Extra Long

    Special car for performing special duties

  • Up to 7 passengers
  • Up to 7 suitcases
  • Mercedes Sprinter

    An excellent reputation and provides numerous strengths

  • Up to 12 passengers
  • Up to 12 suitcases
  • Lexus GS 300H

    Midsize the most powerful and luxury sedan

  • Up to 3 passengers
  • Up to 3 suitcases
  • Lexus LS

    Full-size luxury sedan

  • Up to 3 passengers
  • Up to 3 suitcases
  • Lexus NX

    Experience refined performance and interior opulence with the Lexus NX.

    The Benefits of Our Transfer Service

    Convenience and Stress-Free Travel:
    Using a taxi transfer service from Geneva Airport to St. Moritz ensures a hassle-free and convenient travel experience. Upon arrival at the airport, passengers can easily find their chauffeur waiting for them, holding a name sign for quick recognition. This eliminates the need to search for taxis or navigate public transportation, saving valuable time and effort.

    Comfort and Luxury:
    Transfer services offer a fleet of comfortable and luxurious vehicles, providing passengers with a smooth and pleasant ride to their destination. Whether it’s a cozy sedan or a spacious SUV, travelers can relax and enjoy the scenic journey through the breathtaking Swiss landscapes.

    Professional and Experienced Chauffeurs:
    The taxi transfer service employs professional chauffeurs who are well-trained and experienced in providing top-notch customer service. These skilled drivers are knowledgeable about the best routes, ensuring efficient travel and helping passengers avoid traffic congestion.

    Safety and Reliability:
    Safety is of utmost importance in transfer services. Chauffeurs are familiar with driving in various weather and road conditions, ensuring a secure journey from Geneva Airport to St. Moritz. Additionally, flight tracking systems enable the service to monitor flight schedules, ensuring on-time pickups and drop-offs, even in case of flight delays.

    Cost-Effective and Transparent Pricing:
    Booking a taxi transfer service is a cost-effective option, especially for groups or families traveling together. The pricing is transparent and fixed, with no hidden fees, providing peace of mind and predictability for travelers. The service allows for easy online booking and secure payment options, making the process seamless.

    Customizable Services:
    Transfer services offer flexible and customizable options to cater to individual needs. Passengers can request specific vehicle types, child seats, or any other special requirements. Whether it’s a solo trip, a family vacation, or a business visit, the service can accommodate different preferences.

    Time-Saving and Efficient:
    By pre-booking a taxi transfer, travelers can save valuable time that would otherwise be spent waiting in taxi queues or trying to figure out public transportation. The chauffeur will be ready and waiting to take them directly to St. Moritz, making the journey efficient and punctual.

    24/7 Availability and Customer Support:
    Taxi transfer services typically operate round-the-clock, providing peace of mind for passengers arriving at any time of the day or night. Additionally, customer support is readily available to assist with inquiries, changes to bookings, or any other assistance needed.

    In conclusion, opting for a taxi transfer service from Geneva Airport to St. Moritz offers numerous benefits, including convenience, comfort, safety, and cost-effectiveness. With professional chauffeurs, luxurious vehicles, and reliable service, travelers can look forward to a stress-free and enjoyable journey to their destination.

    Before you go, here's what you should know about St. Moritz

    1. St. Moritz is like a magical winter wonderland nestled in the Swiss Alps, offering the most luxurious ski resorts and awe-inspiring scenery. Get ready for an unforgettable experience filled with world-class skiing and snowboarding.
    2. Remember to pack your coziest winter gear because St. Moritz can get chilly, even in the summer. Layer up to stay warm and comfortable as you explore this stunning alpine town.
    3. Oh, and shopaholics, you’re in for a treat! St. Moritz is a haven for high-end shopping with its fancy boutiques and famous international brands. Get ready to splurge in style!
    4. Adventure seekers, the Cresta Run is a must-see! It’s a hair-raising toboggan course from the late 1800s where brave souls race down icy tracks at crazy speeds.
    5. Keep an eye on the events calendar because St. Moritz hosts some fancy gatherings, like the White Turf horse races on the frozen Lake St. Moritz and the St. Moritz Gourmet Festival. It’s the perfect chance to experience the town’s glamorous side.
    6. Art lovers and history buffs will have a ball in St. Moritz. Explore art galleries, museums, and charming historic buildings to get a taste of the town’s cultural heritage.
    7. When the sun warms up the Engadin Valley, it’s hiking time! The valley around St. Moritz offers incredible opportunities for outdoor adventures during the warmer months.
    8. Foodies, you’re in food heaven! St. Moritz boasts Michelin-starred restaurants and gourmet eateries, serving mouthwatering Swiss delicacies. Prepare your taste buds for a culinary journey like no other.
    9. After a day of excitement, treat yourself to some blissful relaxation at St. Moritz’s famous thermal baths and soothing spas. Unwind and rejuvenate with a backdrop of stunning mountain views.
    10. Remember to book your accommodation ahead of time. St. Moritz offers a range of luxurious options, from chic boutique hotels to grand ski resorts. Make sure you find the perfect spot to rest and recharge.
    11. Calling all thrill-seekers! Don’t miss the world’s first and only natural bob run. Watch daring bobsleigh rides or even take the plunge with experienced pilots for a thrilling adventure.
    12. Oh, and let’s not forget the breathtaking boat trips on Lake St. Moritz. Picture yourself gliding on serene waters, surrounded by majestic mountains. It’s a moment of pure serenity amidst nature’s grandeur.

    Winter in the St. Moritz mountains!

    Experience the enchantment of winter in the stunning St. Moritz mountains! Picture yourself surrounded by a breathtaking snowy landscape as you embark on thrilling ski runs down the powdery slopes of the Swiss Alps. Our world-class ski resorts are ready to welcome you with open arms, promising an unforgettable winter getaway filled with excitement and adventure.

    But it’s not just about the adrenaline rush here in St. Moritz. Our charming alpine villages offer a cozy and inviting ambiance, perfect for unwinding after a day of skiing. Imagine yourself nestled by a crackling fireplace in a traditional chalet, sipping on rich Swiss hot chocolate, and basking in the warmth of cherished company.

    Beyond the slopes, St. Moritz offers a plethora of winter delights. Glide gracefully across the frozen Lake St. Moritz with a thrilling ice-skating experience or embrace the joy of tobogganing on our thrilling trails. Our town’s cultural scene comes alive with vibrant winter festivals, captivating art exhibitions, and exquisite gourmet events, leaving you with delightful memories to cherish.

    Whether you’re a seasoned winter enthusiast or a first-time visitor, St. Moritz promises an extraordinary winter experience that will leave you spellbound. Come and embrace the magic of winter in the Swiss Alps with us. Your unforgettable journey awaits!

    Tourist Information

    Via Maistra 12,

    CH – 7500 St. Moritz

    Tel. +41 81 837 33 33

    Municipality of St. Moritz
    Via Maistra 12
    CH-7500 St. Moritz
    Tel. +41 81 836 30 00

    Engadin St. Moritz Tourismus AG

    Via Maistra 1

    7500 St Moritz

    +41 81 830 00 01

    Reviews about our car services

    We are under a positive impression of the professionalism of Geneva Airport Transfer. The driver was already there when we came out of the arrival hall at Geneva airport with our names on the board. He made our visit easier and more pleasant by keeping the kids busy watching cartoons. Great service would recommend anyone with children to use the company car seats also provided free. We will recommend who needs a transfer service from Geneva airport to St Moritz!

    Zack O. & family

    My wife booked a transfer for me from GVA airport to St Moritz with Geneva Airport transfer at the last minute. The service was beyond expectation.
    The driver was waiting for me at the airport arrival with a nameplate. He was so welcoming and friendly. Helped me with luggage.
    Highly recommend.

    Armando V.

    Best transfer from the Geneva airport with the best price. Always on time.
    This is the second time we have used this company for airport transfers to and from St Moritz.
    This transfer company has new and clean cars, with excellent drivers. We arrived in GVA and the driver was already waiting for us.
    On our return to Rio, the driver was waiting at our hotel on time!

    Martin C.

    My wife and I traveled to the Swiss and French Alps to celebrate her 40th birthday. Samuel, our fantastic limo driver, made our 12-day journey wonderful. This gentleman is a true professional. Luxury transportation is fantastic. His driving is excellent. His charisma is unrivaled. He is familiar with the regions, towns, and eateries. He knows how to avoid tourist traps and instead recommends things that will make your trip one to remember. He accomplished it for us and he can do it for you.

    Arshak D. and Mary M. from Canada.


    How do I go from Geneva to St. Moritz?

    There are several ways to travel from Geneva to St. Moritz, Switzerland. The most popular choices are: Taking the rail: A direct train from Geneva to St. Moritz takes around 3 hours and 30 minutes. Taking the bus: Several daily bus services travel is several daily bus services that travel from Geneva to St. Moritz and take around 4 hours. Renting a car: From Geneva, you may rent a car and drive to St. Moritz, which takes around 3 hours.

    Is St Moritz near Geneva?

    False; St. Moritz is not close to Geneva. It is situated in the canton of Graubünden, which is in the southeast of Switzerland, as opposed to Geneva, which is found in the southwest. Around 400 kilometers (250 miles) separate the two cities, and it would take 4-5 hours to go between them using public transport.

    How can I get St. Moritz?

    St. Moritz, Switzerland, may be reached in several ways, including:

    By rail: From large Swiss towns like Zurich, Geneva, or Milan, you may take a train to St. Moritz, which is the most practical and well-liked method of transportation.

    Depending on the departure city, the trip lasts between three and four hours. Driving to St. Moritz from Zurich and Geneva takes around 4 hours and 6 hours, respectively. By bus: Numerous daily bus routes connect St. Moritz to Switzerland’s major cities.

    By plane: You may fly into nearby airports like Milan Malpensa and Zurich airport and then take a train or bus to St. Moritz.

    Does Geneva Airport have a train station?

    Yes, the airport in Geneva has a railway station. It is called “Genève-Aéroport” and is right below the terminal structure. Both regional and international trains stop at this station. The Léman Express, which connects the airport to nearby cities including Lausanne, the heart of Geneva, and Annemasse in France, is the primary rail route that runs through the airport. The trip to the heart of Geneva takes around 6 minutes on the frequently running trains. The airport is further connected to other significant locations in Switzerland and France by various trains such as the SBB, TGV, and Léman Express.

    Does Bernina Express stop in St. Moritz?

    Yes, the Bernina Express, a scenic train route that travels through the Swiss Alps, stops in St. Moritz. The Bernina Express connects the towns of Chur and Tirano and passes through some of the most beautiful alpine landscapes in Switzerland, including the Albula and Bernina mountain ranges. The St Moritz station is one of the stops on the route, and it is a great way to reach St. Moritz by train. It’s worth noting that the Bernina Express is a panoramic train service, it offers different classes of seats, and it’s recommended to book it in advance especially during peak seasons, as it is a popular tourist route.

    What is the difference between Bernina Express and Glasier Express?

    The Glacier Express and the Bernina Express are both scenic train routes in Switzerland that pass through the Swiss Alps, but they have some differences.

    Route: The Glacier Express travels between Zermatt and St. Moritz, passing through the Matterhorn and the Rhône Valley, while the Bernina Express travels between Chur and Tirano, passing through the Albula and Bernina mountain ranges, including the famous Landwasser Viaduct.

    Journey Time: The Glacier Express takes around 8 hours to cover the whole route, while the Bernina Express takes around 4 hours. Both trains have beautiful scenery of the Swiss Alps; however, the Glacier Express gives views of the Matterhorn and the Rhône Valley, while the Bernina Express offers vistas of the Albula and Bernina mountain ranges, including the renowned Landwasser Viaduct, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Both trains include several types of dining cars and seats, however, the Glacier Express is seen to be more opulent and to provide more comfortable alternatives for seating and dining, whilst the Bernina Express is thought to be a more cost-effective option. Booking in advance is advised, especially during busy times of the year as both trains are well-liked by travelers.

    There are several differences between the Glacier Express and the Bernina Express, two picturesque rail lines in Switzerland that go over the Swiss Alps. Route: The Bernina Express runs between Chur and Tirano via the Albula and Bernina mountain ranges and as well as the renowned Landwasser Viaduct.

    The Glacier Express travels between Zermatt and St. Moritz via the Matterhorn and the Rhône Valley. The Glacier Express travels the entire journey in around 8 hours, whereas the Bernina Express does it in about 4 hours. It is suggested, particularly during the busiest times.

    What airport do you fly into for st Moritz?

    The closest airport to St. Moritz is Samedan Airport (SMV), which is located about 10 km (6 miles) from the city. The airport is well connected to St. Moritz by public transportation such as bus and train. You can take a bus from the airport to the city center of St. Moritz which takes around 25 minutes. Additionally, there’s also a train station in the airport that connects to other towns in the region. It’s worth noting that Samedan airport has limited flights and it’s mostly used by private jets, helicopters, and small planes.

    Alternative airports to fly into for St. Moritz are Zurich Airport (ZRH) and Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP), which are both around 2.5 hours by train or car from St. Moritz. These airports offer more flight options and connections to other destinations.

    How to get Glacier Express from Geneva?

    The Glacier Express is a scenic train that travels from St. Moritz in the Swiss Alps to Zermatt in the Swiss Alps. If you’re looking to travel from Geneva to the Glacier Express, you would need to take a train from Geneva to either St. Moritz or Zermatt and then board the Glacier Express. Depending on your departure location, you may need to transfer trains along the way. You can purchase tickets and check schedules on the official website of Swiss railways SBB or other providers.